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New Facebook Security Settings.

A couple of days ago I read an interesting article titled: How To: secure your Facebook which I found very fascinating. According to this article, Facebook has launched a HTTPS secure connection that prevents Facebook users from being hacked. After reading this article I implemented it immediately. I think the HTTPS connection is very important because it reduces threats […]


When will we ever be rid of spam?

As long as spam is out there, email marketing, as good a tool as it is, will struggle to come to its full right as a genuine marketing tool. The more the anti-spamming software developers up their game, the more the spammers try to outdo them. One of the emails I got today had the […]


Spam Calls

This morning while on my daily mountain bike ride I took a phone call that almost upset me. The only reason I took the phone with in the first place is because I was waiting for some-one to confirm an appointment. So, while enjoying nature and thinking about my plans for the day, the phone […]