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Social Networking and Your Tradeshow

We can all agree that events are a great way to connect with new prospective customers, marketing partners, new employees and influentials in your industry. Learn how to use social media to get the most out of attending your next exposition. Check out this infographic by Northwest Creative with valuable information that you can use […]


5 Powerful Social Media Tools

For the past few days I have been researching suitable Social Media applications that will assist me managing clients’ Social Media platforms. I once recommended two Social Media tools a while back. Since change is good, we have also decided to do so and try new web tools. I came across incredible web applications and decided […]


Have you thought of joining the world of sharing?

Some people may be tired of hearing about SOCIAL MEDIA, while to some like me, it’s the sound of good music in our ears. I am always looking forward to new breakthroughs on the subject. You might have heard or seen some companies that have achieved their goals using Social Media and maybe you’re thinking of […]


Tips to improve your online marketing strategy

People use social media for variety reason. I would like to focus more in people that use blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts or emails with the purpose of marketing a business. The content in their site, blog or Facebook page must help them engage and maintain their customers. I am going to share few points to […]