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18 tips for optimizing your Pinterest images

Driving traffic to your site is essentials when it comes to online advertising and there are plenty of ways in which to do this.  I thought I would share this awesome infographic to assist you with increasing your website visits using Pinterest images.  Some of these tips also apply to blogging E.G naming your images accordingly and […]


Have you thought of joining the world of sharing?

Some people may be tired of hearing about SOCIAL MEDIA, while to some like me, it’s the sound of good music in our ears. I am always looking forward to new breakthroughs on the subject. You might have heard or seen some companies that have achieved their goals using Social Media and maybe you’re thinking of […]


Six ways to use Twitter for Marketing.

Some business men and women have realised that Twitter is a vital marketing tool for business, others are still confused whether they should use it or not. Not all businesses need to be on Twitter. If your target market is on Twitter, you must create a Twitter profile. Here are few tips on how you can use […]