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My Jelly experience

Okay, so like most online inquisitive types, I have to try a new digital services, app or product once it has been mentioned almost to death on every TV channel, tech site and even in print! Hence my decision to finally try Jelly after seeing an interview with Biz Stone in my hotel room in […]


Mobile App Marketing: Meet Your Mobile Market

Mobile Marketing |ˈmōbəl ˈmärkitiNG | What is it, exactly? Literally, mobile marketing translates into any activity that revolves around being on the move; some think of mobile marketing as cars wrapped in brilliant colors that catch the eye of motorists. Others consider billboards, high-rise digital message panels and street hawkers as a form of mobile […]


Mobile Digital Marketing: the future of advertising

Our guest blogger James Smith elaborates on the future of mobile digital marketing… In the past, the effectiveness of online advertising was questioned by many businesses. In today’s market, thanks to mobile devices, many businesses are cialis 20 mg tablet jumping onto the mobile digital marketing bandwagon and finding great results. Many mobile devices like […]


eBooks and eBook readers

So, by now we’ve all heard of the Amazon Kindle, now with its DX 9.7" Display, Graphite, 3G version and according to a report today on Techwatch , Amazon is at the moment selling 143 eBooks for every 100 hardback books. Certainly good news for the rain forest advocates! And then there was iPad, selling […]