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The Importance of Great Writers for Online Marketing

If you have gone to the time and trouble of creating a website, you should know exactly how to attract customers to your site through online marketing tools. In the past, paying close attention to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and trying to insert as many key words as possible may have been sufficient to enable a […]


How are South African’s interacting with social media?

Whenever you search for social media statistics, you are always given figures from America and while they are interesting to see, it doesn’t always reflect local trends. So when I came across this blog post on Blue Magnet’s blog I knew I had to share it. Based on stats gathered from various South African surveys, official websites and […]


Getting the 411 on Tribal Fusion and Exponential

After attending the fourth Integrated Marketing Communication Conference in Johannesburg and listening to the dynamic lineup of the industry’s most elite speakers, we were left feeling extremely enlightened. In addition to listening to the great keynote speakers, many delegates (including us) were pleasantly overwhelmed by the list of interactive workshops available, which gave everyone the […]


Twitter introduces new search features!!!

It is common knowledge that Twitter’s search function has always been tiresome unlike Goo generic viagra online gle, Bing or other search engines. In the past Twitter couldn’t autocomplete your words, it couldn’t autocorrect your spelling, you couldn’t even filter results out to include only those from people you follow. All of that has changed […]