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The impact of a strong logo on Marketing

The logo of a business is often the most recognizable aspect of the brand. The logo not only tells customers that the products are created by that brand, but gives customers something that is a strong, immediate visual cue that represents that business. When a company doesn’t have a logo or has a weak and […]


Do’s of Social Media Marketing

Most of the brands have become very powerful because of Social Media. Surely, they didn’t achieve this over night or by luck. Everything worthwhile comes with hard-work and dedication. There are important Strategies for Online Media success. I am going to share Do’s of Social Media that can help you get most out of your […]


Six ways to use Twitter for Marketing.

Some business men and women have realised that Twitter is a vital marketing tool for business, others are still confused whether they should use it or not. Not all businesses need to be on Twitter. If your target market is on Twitter, you must create a Twitter profile. Here are few tips on how you can use […]


brands and branding

Okay, I dunno whether it is just lately, but I seem to be bombarded with news, information and comments about brands and branding in South Africa. Best brands, annual brand survey, brands trends, managing your brand, etc.So, today I decided to do my own little brand survey. The researcher: meThe sample: oneThe methodology: pointing at […]