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My digital diet

We all know how difficult it is to go on a diet. Eat less of this, drink less of that, etc. So, the same should apply, I guess, when you go on a digital diet, or not? Take for instance my idea to go on a “mobile phone diet” if you can call it that. […]


Blackberry Humour

Do you remember back in the day when you heard the word blackberry, you immediately thought of the fruit? When we here the word Blackberry today, we refer to the amazing smartphone with unlimited Internet access (at a monthly fee of course). Millions of people all over the globe have become so accustom to their […]


Battle of smarts

                  The Blackberry Torch was introduced yesterday at a invitation only news conference in New York.  The Torch is said to be the competition for the iPhone and Droid, though initial reviews of the phone were not all that enthusiastic. So the feud between the iPhone and the Blackberry continues, and with the world becoming […]


another day in San Francisco

Today I’m very honoured to have a guest posting from Catherine Parker, a South African SEO expert with a tech company in San Francisco Catching My Breath in San Francisco It’s been a frenetic and exhausting last month or so in the Bay Area. I work for a website that reviews tech products, and the […]