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All things digital, interactive and emarketing related are discussed, debated and dissected on this blog.

The author: Japie Swanepoel

Japie Swanepoel

The Passion: seeing that digital tools take their place alongside traditional marketing and sales tools in order to raise awareness, generate interest and convert internet users to loyal supporters, clients and general fans of the company or organisation embracing this medium. Follow me on Twitter – @japies

The author: Nadia Majiet

Nadia Majiet

About me: Funny, vibrant, go-getter, determined and goal-orientated are a few words used to describe me. I am an online enthusiast who is passionate about Social Media and Shoes and I cannot survive 24 hours without my BlackBerry. I am here to learn as much as possible about Social Media and the Internet, then write about it. Follow me on Twitter – @nadzmajiet
Riaan van der Westhuizen

Riaan van der Westhuizen

About me: I am always trying to make the most of every experience, technology is one of my many passions and seeing the way it is able to enhance our daily lives excite me. Live life for the moment.
The author: Geekay Ncube

Geekay Ncube

About Me: Very curious, down to earth, into I.T industry and love going to church… That’s Godknows Ncube (better known as Geekay). Follow me on Twitter – @geekaypele
The author: Chido Samkange

Chido Samkange

Chido Samkange

About Me: Curious by nature, always eager to learn and never far from an internet connection, its no surprise I ended up in social media. The ever changing landscape of the internet means there is never a dull moment. There is always something new to learn and I love sharing that knowledge and indulging in my quest to know it all.
The author: Jackie Bonarius

Jackie Bonarius

Jackie Bonarius

About Me: I obtained my Diploma in Graphic Web Design and Web Development in 2012 from Prestige Academy, I was then blessed with an amazing opportunity to work for Interactive Concepts. I am hardworking and passionate about learning more. I love Christ, His Church, Music and all things online. I believe that the internet is the way forward in connecting, reaching and impacting people.