How did it start?

eMarketing evangelist and author of the e of Marketing Japie Swanepoel was always bombarded with the two questions: Do I need a web site? Is Internet marketing successful? 

After answering these questions so many times, Japie, who is also an avid blogger, writer and presenter of all things digital, decided to share his knowledge and expertise with the rest of the online marketing world in his book titled the e of Marketing.

The e of Marketing shows you how to make the most of your web site for communication, information, marketing, sales and also internal management and administration.

After completing the book, Japie then decided to take it a step further by taking the e of Marketing online for those inquiring minds who couldn’t get enough of eMarketing — and so the e of marketing blog was born. The blog focuses on trends in eMarketing and everything related to strategy, search, Internet and marketing.

Get your copy of Japie Swanepoel’s the e of Marketing online.