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Is this an end to email shame? An app that allows you to recall your sent mail.

Need to ‘unsend’ an email you didn’t really mean to send? We’ve all been there. It’s a nightmare scenario: You type a mail complaining about work or your boss and instead of sending it to your friend you mistakenly send it to your boss! Wouldn’t you just wish to go through the computer and snatch […]


Facebook vs. Google+: A 21st century David and Goliath battle?

The newest changes to our most loved social network, Facebook, have set the blogging and social media spheres ablaze with comments, debating the many similar features that it now has to Google+. This has once again (not that it ever stopped) brought about the million dollar question that has been on everyone’s lips since the […]


The Google+ Project

Social Networking is becoming better and better day by day. Google has announced the launch of their project called Google+ . From the looks of things this is just the beginning. “The online sharing is awkward. Even broken and their aim is to eliminate that”, says Vic Gundotra in his recent blog post. I found […]


A new way to communicate.

Before opened my Gmail account, I came across an advertisement from Gmail about new motion technology, so thought I’d share this exciting news with you. Google has introduced Gmail Motion which means you can control Gmail with your body. Isn’t that great? One thing that fascinates me about technology is that it makes our lives […]


Google invests in SA icon Madiba

A few days ago I found out that Internet research giant Google has recently announced that they have donated 1,25 million US dollars to the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Centre of Memory (NMFCM) which will be used to digitize thousands of documents that belong to former South African president and icon Nelson Mandela. This is amazing […]