Planning Your Content

Where to start with content? Plan plan plan!

Here are a few of many tips that can help you when planning your content:

  • Find what works for you to put all those ideas down (A calendar works best for me). Print out or save a monthly calendar and in each day, you write what you would want to post on each day (Word or Excel sheet)
  • Remember to have sections on your content plan (For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Determine what theme your month to month content will be like and work around that
  • Be creative, create your own #hashtag for certain days when posting content (#ManiacMonday, #TastyTuesday)
  • Design correctly sized images for your posts. Not every post has to have an image. Place your logo on your images as well. When people share, others can see where the source of the image is. Even if you watermark your @handle on the image
  • Do not post the same content on all your platforms on the same day. Do so when you have a specific campaign, then you can post same content here and there. Posting different content will make your followers go through all your platforms to check what has been posted today! Social Media is about keeping your followers locked, right?
  • Think about ways to gain interaction. Do competitions, polls, etc.
  • Think about the tone of your content. Do you want to sound funky or serious and professional? Think about how you would react when reading your posts; Yawwwn or Ooooh this is so cool!
  • Keep up with the trends online. See what people can relate to. Your content should still relate to your field of business, but let it be a bit fun
  • Mention your various social media platforms. For example, tell people on Facebook to check out your Instagram competition
  • Before going ahead with your content, remember to check and edit your content on your plan. Sometimes it may subject to change, that’s fine! You can always make those changes.
  • Ask your colleagues for ideas! Maybe someone will have an idea because they see it from a different perspective.
  • Last but not least, your followers are important! Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge! Without them, who is going to see your posts? Respond to people on your platforms, create engagement and carry a conversation. It should be more a personal interaction, rather than the copy and paste response.

Got more tips for planning your content? Share them with us in the comment box below!


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