Oh Snap! Have you heard about Spectacles?

The popular app that has new filters all the time, will be changing its name. Snapchat will be known as Snap Inc., but this is not what we want you to know.

It’s great capturing moments by taking pictures and looking at them after a few days. How about not only remembering the moments but reliving it and experiencing the moments all over again?

Snapchat, or should we say Snap Inc. has announced its first gadget called Spectacles. This gadget is a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera. Yes! A built-in camera capable of taking plenty Snaps. These fun pair of sunglasses will have three different colours available. Spectacles connect to Snapchat via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and transfers your memories directly into the app.

Check out the promo video of what to expect:

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Stay Snapping!

About the Author: Khoreesha Singh

Creative and bubbly young lady from the Northern Cape. Social Media fanatic. Fits right in the creative/media industry