Is this an end to email shame? An app that allows you to recall your sent mail.

Need to ‘unsend’ an email you didn’t really mean to send? We’ve all been there. It’s a nightmare scenario: You type a mail complaining about work or your boss and instead of sending it to your friend you mistakenly send it to your boss! Wouldn’t you just wish to go through the computer and snatch it right from his email account?

Well, you need not worry anymore thanks to a company called Criptext. Criptext allows you to do just that; well not the whole going through the computer part, but it does allow you to take back the mail you have sent.

Criptext is a plugin that operates inside of your email. When you’re composing a message in Gmail or Outlook with Criptext enabled, you can track when, where and who has opened emails or downloaded attachments inside your emails, recall sent emails, and set a Snapchat-like self-destruct timer, which automatically recalls sent emails after a predetermined length of time. Users can also send encrypted emails to anyone, regardless of whether the recipient is also using Criptext.

Here’s a sneak peek on what it looks like to recall or “unsend” an email in Gmail using Criptext. With Criptext enabled, you can see the status of the emails you’ve sent, including whether each email has been opened, and from where.


Criptext wants to help businesses control their electronic correspondence. They say that as creators of information we should be able to own and control our data at all times.

An app like this is pure innovation. They saw an avenue that was desperately needed by many email users and grasped the opportunity with both hands. What do you think about the makings of this app? Will it be a useful tool for you to use?

To learn more about Criptext go to their website www.criptext.com



About the Author: Japie Swanepoel