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I just returned from visiting Internet World 2014, held at ExCel London from 17-19 June.

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Daily seminars as part of the education programme were presented in a number of different streams. These included:

  • Keynote theatre
  • Big Data in the Cloud
  • Big Data meets analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Theatre
  • Ecommerce Theatre
  • The Market place
  • Interop Academy

Over the three-day period, there were 121 different presentations.

I managed to attend 15 sessions in total and gained some great insights.

My focus this year was on ecommerce and hence I spent the majority of my time in the ecommerce theatre.

All of the presentations were done by people working for the companies who have applied the technology they were talking about or who were selling the solutions they were discussing.

Some of  the presentations I attended included:

  • How to leverage Google.
  • The omni-channel future.
  • Using content plus engagement to increase traffic and sales.
  • How to improve your online engagement.
  • The 3 pillars of content marketing.
  • 6 ways to capitalize on mobile.
  • Why 95% of your online customers are not buying.
  • User Experience (UX) tactics.
  • Customer loyalty and retention.
  • SMS marketing in a modern age.
  • Content Personalisation.

All of these as well as the rest of the talks I attended highlighted the following key points:

  • Content is more important than ever: both for attracting and retaining users and ensuring you stay in Google’s good books.
  • It has been said before many times, but with latest CMS technology, content personalization is becoming easier to implement and this results in great uptake and much better conversions.
  • Split testing, and constant analysis of your analytics and even doing some probability analyses before implementing changes will ensure increases in engagement and sales.

I really enjoyed the presentation by Tesco’s innovation manager who shared how Tesco is using digital tools and applications to stay ahead of the other retailers. They are working towards an “accessible anywhere” plan and have even experimented with Google glass as a shopping tool. At her talk, Angela Maurer, the innovation manager at Tesco announced the launch of Tesco Labs.

Deerberg, a German online retailer built on the onion.net platform shared how online incentives and sharing different content to visitors and customers have resulted in increased sales.

During the 3-day period, there was also an exhibition featuring many digital agencies, new technologies and start-ups.

The event’s mobile app was of great help and the main tool I used to plan my days. It allowed me to search for sessions, and then generate my own agenda. I could look up speaker bio’s and connect with other users as well as tweet from the app. g

All in all, a great event and one worth having on your annual “events-to-attend” list.

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