3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog/Site through Pinterest

Do you want to increase the traffic to your blog? Well if you do, then you will be happy to know that by getting a lot of pins for your blog, you can easily drive traffic to it. Pinning your articles not only helps increase traffic, but also helps in improving the search rankings as you get a ‘do-follow’ backlink through it for your article.


Pinterest has grown a lot in recent years. According to the statistics received by comScore, there has been a 4,377% increase in Pinterest’s growth since May 2011. This is one reason why a lot of bloggers are using it as option for increasing the traffic to their site or blog. Given below are 3 tips to get more traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

It’s all about Content Sharing
The best way to increase your traffic through Pinterest is by sharing loads of content. You can share the content of your blog as well as the content of others relevant to your niche. You can target rich content panels which are already being followed by lots of readers to get more exposure, more pins and repins on your particular topic. If you have followed rich panels, you can easily increase the traffic to your blog by pinning items from it to your panels.

By pinning your blog posts, you can increase its credibility in the eyes of your users. The best example is of Next Page Web. It has lots of panels where a large amount of content is pinned, however you are required to pin the article to its relevant niche. Through pinning, you not only get the extra traffic, but you get repins and an increased traffic to your blog as well. Another way is to pin the pictures of writers, editors and staff that play an important role in creating the wonderful content.

This help in bringing the authors and fans together to connect with each other as part of the Next Web.  Through this, you can build a culture of interesting work, helping the readers to learn about their favorite writers.

Focus on creating Workshop Images
According to research conducted by Dan Zarrella, workshop images get more number of pins and repins than other images.  This means that if you are in need of creating more pins for your workshop, you can do so by pinning workshop images. However this doesn’t mean that you have to target long infographics. All you need to do is create an image that is effective enough in presenting the required information. So before you publish your content, make sure that it has got the required images, to attract the users’ attention.

Try Adding Images to each Article
You can only pin your article to the Pinterest board if it has at least one picture in it. The size of this image has to be at least 110 x 100 pixels.  If no images are present in the blog post, or if the images are not big enough, you will not be able to pin your article. So try to add at least one image for each article to create a viral effect for it on Pinterest. If you want, you can also add multiple images to your article instead of just one.

About the Author
The author Elisha Nelson is an expert social media marketer. He has been working as a social media analyst for more than 5 years and has helped many his clients develop successful social media strategies. Alongside social media, he also does content marketing, as he has worked with various content writing services in the past.