Key take-aways from the Net Prophet Conference 2013

On Thursday, 23 May 2013, I had the privilege of attending the 2013 Net Prophet Conference  at the beautiful Artscape Theatre. It was the first time I have ever attended such a huge digital conference and what an information overload! I learned some valuable points of information from some of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs in the world.

Net Prophet
Here’s some background information about Net Prophet:

Net Prophet was started in Cape Town by the RAMP Foundation – a non-profit entity created by the RAMP Group as a means for social investment within the local Internet based economy. With government backing education and development in the areas of science and technology, RAMP Group recognised the need to build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in the area of web-based business, essentially aiding those with the right aptitude for ‘Making business sense of the Internet’.

From the start, I could literally feel the determination and creative passion fill the room. I was listening to some of the most innovative and inspiring minds of our time and how each one of the speakers had a story with valuable advice to share with the next generation of prospective entrepreneurs.

These are the key points from some of the speakers that stood out for me:

Editor of TechCrunch, Mike Butcher:

“Entrepreneurs are like sharks, if they stop moving they’ll die”
“We need more creative disruption”
“Without failure you don’t get great companies, you need to learn and grow from mistakes to be great”

GM of Price Check, Andre De Wet:

“If you don’t like where you are, change it, you’re not a tree”
“Command like a king, create like a God and work like a slave”
“It is the dreamers that move the world. Dreamers and visionaries have made civilizations”
“Three things to remember when writing a business plan: the idea, the team behind it and the answer to how they’ll get their money back”
“ A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”

Stuart Forrest, CEO of Triggerfish Animation:

“Be diplomatic, but be honest and transparent. That way you can build trust with customers, staff and investors”.
Sylvia Brune – The Power of Profit:
“Africa can’t be saved by financial aid. Africa needs to nourish talent, invest in itself and inspire the next generation to do the same and make a difference.

Bob Skinstad, ex pro rugby player and Director of Itec Innovate:

“Make sure you communicate your goals and deliver on your promises”
“In life try to remember the trick of under promise, over deliver”

Allan Winde, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism:

“7 out of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa”.


It was a really great experience to listen to all these great minds while they presented their stories and I will sure to be back next year, tweeting away.