Top 10 tips from the best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012

For the past few months I have been assigned to manage all the social media pages for my respective company. I took this as an exciting learning opportunity to develop my online marketing skills.




One of the social media platforms I was asked to manage was our company’s LinkedIn profile. This was something very new to me and therefore I needed to do my homework. While browsing online, I found a slide on www.slideshare.net  about  the top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages for 2012, where they shared their tips for managing a successful business page. This was very insightful and helped me understand what content and visuals work best on this site. These are their tips:

– Add a variety of cover images to reflect a range of business priorities, products, campaigns, events.

– Create banners that show the vibrant nature of your business.

– Never leave the product & service section blank.

– Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations on your products.

– Before posting an update, ask yourself – Would I want to read this story?

– Post content that interests your followers, and less about how great your company is.

–  Publish photos and content from top events to show everyone what your company is about.

– Encourage your employees to like and share your updates with their network.

– Stay fresh by reaching out to followers at least once a day.

– Check your company page insights.

This slide has provided me with valuable information on how to manage my company’s page and how to grow it. If you have any more tips on how to optimize a business page on LinkedIn, please share them in the comment box below.

Image and information source: slideshare.net