The e of marketing team at The Digital Edge Live – National Assembly 2012

Last month (4 October 2012) the emarketingblog team attended the second annual Digital Edge Live Show – National Assembly at the City Hall in Cape Town to witnes

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s opposition parties (made up of industry heads) take an oath before facing a Commission of Enquiry to produce the most heated debates and discussions we’ve ever seen.

This four-hour event was comprised of three interesting sessions/rounds, each focusing on the highly complex ever-changing Digital Marketing industry. This literally was Digital Marketing like we’ve never seen it before.

Session 1: Are digital agencies ‘blinding clients with science’?
Ivan Moroke, Arthur Charles van Wyk and Matthew Buckland represented the opposing team. Nikki Cockcroft and Andy Gilder represented the proposing team.

The opposing team emphasized on the fact the crappy agencies confuse clients with statistics and good agencies do not – we believe this too. If an agency’s main goal is to confuse a client with stats and science, that relationship with the client will be a very short lived one. Good agencies build lasting, meaningful relationships with their clients and that’s the way business should be done!

Session 2: Is South African digital work really world class?
Graham Warsop and Jason Xenopaulos represented the opposing team. Rob Stokes and Mike Sharman represented the proposing team.

To cut a long story short… South African digital campaigns may not be on an international level yet, but the potential definitely is there.

Session 3: Building long term social media communities is more important than creating expensive conceptual campaigns
Dan Pinch and David Moffatt represented the proposing team. Nicholas Wittenberg and a representative (Jacki) from InMobi who filled in for Isis Nyongo represented the opposing team.

Invest in social media communities during the economic crisis and you’ll still be able to communicate with them for free”

Social Media can and should be used to connect and interact with clients/fans/communities. However, it needs to be done correctly and money needs to spent wisely. Spending thousands on a one or two month campaign then ignoring the platform and the fans once the campaign is over is a waste of time and money. Fans will move on to something better if they are being ignored… maybe your competitor? Emphasis was placed on the fact that Social Media is a brilliant marketing platform, however traditional media would have to feature somewhere along the campaign too.

Here are a few quotes and statements made during the four-hours of heated debates and discussions that stuck :

  • Digital is so complex. Once you think you have your finger on something, it changes
  • The wonderful thing about the Digital space is innovation. You can basically do what you want
  • Digital Marketing is more about people than technology
  • Crappy agencies confuse people with stats… Good ones don’t
  • Don’t over-engineer social media. Do stuff that’s actually interesting, that’s the way to win
  • Online is not getting enough budgets because it’s too confusing. We need to create a common language to make it easier to understand
  • Invest in social media communities, during the economic crisis you’ll still be able to communicate with them for free
  • Do something that you love and you will be successful
  • Creativity enables you to outsmart rather than outspend competitors

The Digital Edge Live: National Assembly 2012 was a well-organized, interesting, insightful and entertaining event. Thank you Living your Brand and Native! We’re looking forward to 2013!