Technology Enhancing Modern Marketing

Technology has totally changed the way that companies of all sizes approach the marketing of their products and services. Marketing campaigns may still take advantage of traditional marketing channels like television and print media, but, they almost always take the opportunity to direct viewers to visit their website for further information. Whether it’s asking viewers to visit their Facebook page, download a new App for their smartphone or participate in an online survey, companies are taking advantage of the power of social media marketing.

Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals
Almost every hospital, and most healthcare professionals, includes some form of social media marketing in an attempt to reach out to patients, understand their concerns and better and meet their needs. Studies have shown that an increasing number of those in the medical field rely on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to showcase their services and attract patients. While such sites are a great way to educate and inform the public, they also can present privacy issues. Patients may not appreciate the significance of revealing their medical condition in an essentially public forum, but it can come back to haunt them in other aspects of their lives. Some good rules to live by for those professionals who participate in social media marketing is to always be conscious of sensitive material and never reveal too much personal information.

Hotel and Hospitality Industry
In an industry where customer service and the guest experience determines the success of a hotel, it’s of the utmost importance to understand what are the most important qualities that make a traveler choose one property over another. Social media allows instant feedback in the form of guest reviews. New trends can be identified early and hoteliers can institute policies or make changes that will be good for business. Hotels benefit in many different ways by including social media in their marketing campaigns. It can be a good way to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve customer service
  • Boost sales
  • Educate and inform the customer
  • Monitor brand reputation

Many companies have dedicated a large portion of their advertising and marketing budget to focus on today’s most popular marketing channels. Companies that are enjoying great success with their online campaigns are innovative and very focused on the consumer.

Ford is Doing it Right
Part of Ford’s recent success has been the introduction of technologically advanced automobiles that appeal to a younger demographic. As a way to appeal to an audience of young drivers looking to buy a new car, Ford has integrated social media and technology into their overall marketing plan.

The automaker has created an innovative layout on the front page of their website. Prominently featured are big headlines and images directing viewers to new blog posts. Viewers can read comments before reading the blog article. The site is very easy to use and visitors are encouraged to share their opinions and voice their concerns.

Zappos Builds a Loyal Following
Zappos, the online retailer of shoes, clothing and accessories, has created an online community that is made to feel like part of the family. Real relationships are created by getting people to sign up to their Facebook page and participate in different activities. Photo contests choose the best photo of the week through fan voting. A fun place to visit translates into more users, buyers.

Post by Jessica Stark*