Internet Marketing: How To Get It Right

internet marketing While Internet marketing is now a typical part of any company’s marketing strategy, many campaigns are not set up in ways that make the most of platforms. Many companies end up neglecting consumers, and miss opportunities as the result of not knowing their audiences. These companies can also fail to engage with audiences through the right kind of marketing platforms. At the same time, it’s important for companies to exploit mobile optimisation and SEO, while developing an overall narrative for a brand that can cross between different parts of an Internet marketing campaign. More information on how these aims can be achieved can be found below:

Know Your Audience
This may be simple advice, but it’s something that is often not dealt with in enough detail. Doing a lot of research into audience demographics before launching an Internet marketing campaign can allow a company to avoid making mistakes in terms of over emphasising some content, and not taking advantage of the kinds of offers and brand associations that consumers make. Ultimately, a successful Internet marketing campaign is one that engages with an audience on a daily basis, and that is attentive to their needs and feedback.

Know Your Platform
An Internet marketing campaign should be tailored to different platforms, but should be as consistent as possible in terms of its overall design. A Facebook page works well, for example, for providing fan pages and competitions, as well as sharing photographs. By contrast, a Twitter page can provide real time information and offers, while an email marketing campaign can engage consumers through new specific offers for subscribers, and through opportunities to take advantage of local deals.

Optimise for Mobile
Mobile optimisation is becoming increasingly crucial to Internet marketing campaigns, with more people making use of 4G Internet on their phones. In this context, it’s important to make sure that sites are adaptable for mobile resolutions, and that they provide excellent functionality. Mobile optimised sites can also be ideal for tying into local business searches, and can be set up to provide simple one click ordering and information retrieval.

Make Use of SEO
Companies that make use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can build up a clearer sense of how well their site is performing, as well as what keywords are directing traffic to their site. Taking control of this process by ensuring that the right keywords are appearing in content is essential to being able to deliver consistent traffic to a site, and can also help to develop schemes where quality content is associated with a company’s home page and social media presence.

Create a Compelling Narrative for Your Brand
Internet marketing should primarily be about engaging with consumers through a brand that is more than just a faceless part of a wider marketing campaign. Social media marketing is particularly important, in this respect, for getting consumers to feel valued through blogs, Twitter pages, and Facebook stories that add a personal touch to campaigns. At the same time, brand management for an Internet marketing campaign should involve being able to maintain a consistent tone and opinion for different stories, while being able to deal with any problems through a quick and personal response.

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