5 reasons why all companies should invest in blogs

There is one question that I have been hearing a lot lately:

“Why should we blog”? We can’t share our company secrets or we don’t have time to do so. Well, if you are not blogging, you are missing out a lot of advantages and opportunities.

Well if you have been thinking about starting a blog, whether it’s a personal blog or a company blog, I think it’s the time for you to start blogging now. There’s no better time than the present. Below are tips on why companies should blog.

1. SEO purposes
Google loves new content. Compiling a blog post once a week is one of the best ways to always have new content on your website. That content can be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

2. Engaging with the customers
Blogs give you the power to engage with your customers. This will not only increase your relationship with your clients but it may increase your turnover as well. The comments section allows you to do this.

3. Better customer service.
Do you want to give better customer service to your customer? Blogging can also assist with this. Your customers won’t have to contact you during office hours only. In addition, this can be a good way to introduce your new products and ask for feedback from your customers.

4. New website visitors
The only reason why a person would go to the same website over and over again is because there is new content uploaded on a regular basis. If your blog readers find your posts interesting they may share it with their friends and colleagues via social media platforms thereby increasing traffic to your site.

5. Improves your knowledge
Most of the times, before you do a blog post, it’s advised to do some research. This will help you improve your knowledge as you will be reading about new ideas related to your subject.

Now it’s your turn
Why do you think? Should all companies invest in blogs?