3 reasons why your business should expand its social media outreach beyond Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest and most successful social media platforms for a reason. The revolutionary service allows businesses and people to find and connect each other through 140 character snippets of insight and information that the whole world can see. Hundreds of millions of people are able to find useful information through Twitter, whether it’s a college student following an account that dispenses thrifty living advice or a financial planner following the best analysts in the business.

Twitter Evolution

So it’s a no brainer that your business—be it a huge multinational corporation, a teeny tiny startup, or anything in between—should be on Twitter. You’d be ignoring one of the largest and most potent free marketing tools at your disposal. But as successful as Twitter can be for your business, it’s not the only thing that you should lean on as far as social media tools go. I know many social media and web marketing blogs tout Twitter as the end-all for a business’ online relationship with customers and clients, but the truth is that there are many other services available that can enhance your business’ performance online.

Twitter can only do so much
There are hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts in the world. That’s a hard number to ignore, but it should be given with this caveat: only a fraction of those accounts are active on a daily basis, and even fewer accounts actively engage with the business community, no matter what the industry might be.

Bear in mind that Twitter is first and foremost a social tool often connecting people based on shared interests like music, sports, art, and film. You can derive analytics about your customer base depending on the interests they pursue, but you’ll have a harder time engaging them openly without coming off like your selling something. From a marketing perspective, your business can only get so much out of the service.

Other platforms might cater to your niche better
Twitter caters to any and all interests. You can find extreme gamers discussing the finer points of the latest real time strategy game at the same time that another group of people are tweeting about their camping trip. It’s an application that has equal appeal to young college students who use it for leisure as it does to older, savvy businessmen who use it for research.

Luckily there are other networking services that connect people based more specific criteria, if that’s what you need for your business. Businesses that work in the visual arts (advertising and design firms, for example) might find greater success connecting with clients and customers via Tumblr. A business that functions within the music industry might find a more receptive audience on a site like SoundCloud or BandCamp, while straight-laced businesses might have more success on professional networking services like LinkedIn.

Diversification of your web presence could help expand your customer base
If anything, branching out beyond Twitter can bring your business some much-needed diversity and broad appeal to its online presence. There are only so many potential clients and customers that can follow you via Twitter, but there is any number of new and exciting social media tools popping up every day just waiting for you to capitalize on them so you can expand your reach. If your business increases the number of social media avenues it uses to reach out to people, then it’s bound to reach a bigger swath of greater public. Why wouldn’t you diversify?

Pepper Givens is an online blogger and freelance writer who focuses much of her content on promoting online colleges, as that is her home state. She also covers other educational topic, and she welcomes your questions and comments!