Mobile Digital Marketing: the future of advertising

Our guest blogger James Smith elaborates on the future of mobile digital marketing…

In the past, the effectiveness of online advertising was questioned by many businesses. In today’s market, thanks to mobile devices, many businesses are

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jumping onto the mobile digital marketing bandwagon and finding great results. Many mobile devices like the iPad and smartphones make it possible for users to get online no matter where they are. If an advertiser can reach that person right where they are, it has a good chance of producing a sale. In the future, more businesses are going to get involved with mobile digital marketing, because of its effectiveness.

GPS Capabilities
One of the reasons that mobile advertising is so attractive is because mobile devices have GPS capabilities. With the help of GPS, advertisements can be served up to people who are in a particular geographic region. For example, if a smartphone user is close to a particular restaurant, when he does a search for restaurants, an ad for that establishment may show up on his device. Since he is close by, he may be enticed to visit the restaurant for a meal.

Targeting Ads
Another benefit of mobile digital advertising is that it allows advertisers to focus in on particular groups of customers to market to. For example, a company may only want to pay for ads being shown to people in a specific region. This helps the business reduce costs by not requiring it to pay for ads from an entire city or state. This allows businesses to zero in on exactly the customer that they want.

Future Potential
Many companies are getting into the mobile digital marketing fray because of the vast potential for growth in the future. In the last few years, millions of people have been switching over to smartphones with Internet browsing capability. In the coming years, many more people will be picking up mobile devices. This means that businesses will have an opportunity to reach more and more customers as time goes by.

As well as a rapid amount of growth in the number of smartphones and tablets in the market there has also been rapid growth in the area of application development. Many of these devices have hundreds of thousands of apps that they can download and use. Many advertisers are finding success advertising on these apps. When a business advertises on an app, it gives them an additional chance to reach even more people on their devices.

Smart TVs
Although the smartphone and tablet market has exploded, another area of interest to advertisers is smart TVs. Many televisions are starting to integrate with the Internet, which gives advertisers another avenue to pursue. Advertisers will be able to target specific groups of people based on what shows they watch or where they are located with this capability.

Overall, mobile digital marketing has a lot of potential to help businesses in the future. As a business owner, it may be wise to get involved sooner rather than later, so that potential customers don’t end up going to a competitor in the market first.

Mobile Digital Marketing

James Smith


About the Author:
James works for a Mobile Media Company, who are to the forefront of advanced mobile advertising techniques.