Facebook introduces new editing feature

Hey guys have you heard the big news?  You can now edit your comments in Facebook!

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Isn’t that great? I mean we have all done it. We have all made spelling errors or regrettable comments that we couldn’t change unless we deleted the entire comment and start over again. Well all that has changed… Facebook now allows you to change a comment immediately after posting it. This should be amazing for page admins.

Facebook spokeswomen said this is mainly useful if you have made a mistake within your comment but already have some likes. Now you won’t have to delete the comment entirely, you can just edit it.

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The edit button appears on the right hand side of your comment. Instead of seeing the x button to remove the comment you will see a pencil icon, which allows you to either edit or delete it.

Anyone who can see the comment will unfortunately also be able to see the edited history. If you don’t want that happening then it is advisable that you just delete it and re-comment as you would have done previously.

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Facebook says they are always working to improve the site and I honestly think that’s GREAT. After all, good enough is never good enough.