5 awesome WordPress plugins

WP App Store
The generic cialis onlineitle=”wpappstore” href=”http://wpappstore.com” target=”_blank”>WP App Store is a WordPress theme and plugin marketplace built into the WordPress dashboard. After installing the WP App Store plugin, you can browse themes and plugins from many different brands. The typical purchase and installation processes have been merged together and simplified. You need only submit your credit card information and the theme or plugin is automatically downloaded and installed into your WordPress site.

Do you want to keep your website visitors on your website for a as long as possible? Then you need to ensure that you show them something interesting and captivating after they have read your first post. How to do it? Afterread will assist you with that. Provides suggestions to readers at the end of articles about what to do next, ie; read related articles, donate, read next article in category, etc. Download the plugin now.

Clicky for WordPress
This awesome plugin help you determine where your traffic is coming from. This will anable you to focus on relevant content for your readers. Read more about clicky.

Google XML Sitemaps
Yes, “content is king”. Your blog might be full of awesome content, but if the search engines can’t find you, then what’s the point right? Google xml maps make it easy for search engines to index your website and direct people to your website.

Gravity forms
Building a contact form has been very easy with gravity forms. With just a few clicks your form will be created. Check out more information about this plugin…

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