4 things you should be doing?

Mobi, USSD, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, content, and not to mention, context – how much can one guy digest? Well apparently, I need to increase my appetite!

Starting at 8:30am, and ending at around 4pm, the buy cheap viagraco.za/” target=”_blank”>IMC conference is a two-day event that’s all about what’s hot, what’s not, and of course, what we all dream about in the industry. So here are some bits to chew on and digest.

1. Mobi Devices

Way too many iPhone slides, boy it took Prakash Patel and Tim Bishop to put it into context. There are only about 200 thousand iPhones in South Africa. Globally, 1 in 7 phones are smart phones, and in Africa, it’s 1 in 30. The prize for the most used handset in SA goes to the Samsung E250.


So guys and girls of glamour, whatever you propose, or sell to your clients, be wise and test it on an E250. Make sense? Mobi sites are cheap; not as sexy as an iPhone app, but hey, the masses are able to see what you are offering. Does that sound like applying wisdom before being sexy?

@Mikesharman said anyone with a mobile can be more powerful than a media room. On that note, would you try to sell someone the idea of starting his or her own print newspaper? I don’t think so.

2. Digital Bandwagon

Brand owners need to start trusting their brands again, before tackling the market from a different angle. Get the passion that started the brand back in your veins. Go on – dream again. When looking at PPC campaigns, ensure you fully understand what you want to achieve. So what if you have 10 000 likes on Facebook? What do you now?

You need to be original and produce remarkable content. There’s nothing wrong with taking a peek at what and how the top guys are doing it. Jumping onto the digital bandwagon is going to cost you more if you are not clear on what and why you want to reach your market.


SMS and USSD are still tops in South Africa, so why not access the 50 million plus market? Most subscribers live daily by using #132* for topping up, etc. Tapping in at the correct frequency in order to reach your target audience has become harder. As a result of so much noise in the market, it’s time to return to the basics. Being able to measure everything in the digital space has to be the sexiest thing since the iPhone 4s. Use it correctly and direct, or build accordingly.

4. Internet Radio

Internet radio is not waiting to be birthed. It has almost finished high school. With focused audiences and measuring stats all in place, surely it must be worth a try? Ever wondered why all security guards have earpieces? Well, maybe they are listening to Internet radio. Anyway…

A lot was shared, which has to be chewed over and over again. While in the rush and hype of things it’s crucial to step back, take a deep breath, and then re-look at the basics. The question is not, “Do I get rid of all traditional PR channels?” The question is, “Have I lost focus with all the hype, and now need to apply the methods that work best to reach my targeted audience?”

I know SA feels first world, well Cape Town does …;-), but guys and girls we live in Africa. With lots of action, like Facebook listing, waking up is more exciting than ever before.