Improving the effectiveness of your email marketing

Guest blogger Diana Maria tells us how to effectively improve your email marketing:

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ting ” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Email Marketing” width=”209″ height=”210″ />Email marketing has gained a lot of prominence in recent years due to value it adds to companies in the form of reduced advertising budgets and capability to reach millions of online users in an instant. But it’s vital to take a lot of care in the design and execution phase of a campaign and get the strategies spot on since even the simplest of errors can result in an ineffective campaign.

Beating e-mail spam filters
The first challenge is to get through to the customer’s inbox since sophisticated online spam filters have the capability to wreak havoc with marketing emails by rejecting them out of hand. It’s better to avoid the use of words such as “sales”, “free”,” percent off”, ”reminder”, “discount” in the subject line since they can easily get on the wrong side of a spam filter. Specialized software that can beat spam filters is also worth a try.

Well thought out subject line
Most users decide to go through or reject an email based on the contents of the subject line. Since this is the first thing about an email visible to people, utmost attention must be paid to ensure that it’s interesting enough to catch the viewer’s attention. Ideally it should be concise, simple, direct and not heavily laden with catch phrases. It’s better to avoid typing the email heading in Capital Letters since this can put off a lot of people and appear very rude and unprofessional.

Personalization of content
Customers greatly appreciate content that is most relevant to their needs and answers most of their queries in an effective manner. Tailoring the material to suit their needs is a sure fire method to capture their attention and markedly increase the chances of a sale.

The power of visuals
It’s not for nothing that people say that “A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is worth a thousand still photographs”. Incorporating pictures and videos in emails is a great way to market a product since it immediately engages the customers and raises their interest levels. However it’s better not to be over reliant on pictures and overload emails with them since many email clients block out visuals. Here well prepared text content can save the day for the advertiser.

Keeping track of the subscriber base
Many marketing emails present the customer the option to subscribe themselves or remove them from the mailing list if they so desire. The number of users who do sign up can provide a very reliable estimate of the size of the potential customer base to be targeted.

Miscellaneous tips
It’s best to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors in the main body of the email since they project a very clumsy image. The content should not be too lengthy and easy to understand. If possible it should give the user the option to link the mail with social websites like Facebook. Interacting with users in the form of email questionnaires’ can be an added plus.

Email campaigns can be a formidable force multiplier in an online marketing campaign. A well planned campaign can result in a significant increase in sales volume. However companies must take utmost care to design them and constantly monitor their effectiveness and carry out necessary improvements whenever required.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing about technology, health and parenting. Beside this, she is fond of games and gadgets. She also has various articles published on Gizmo Watch and Eco Friend.