5 awesome WYSIWYG HTML editors

I guess most people who make use of web applications already know what HTML is. For those who don’t know what HTML is, in simple layman’s terms, I will say it’s the main language used for web pages. Learning about HTML can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about the world wide web. If you are interested in learning more about HTML I would suggest that you visit w3schools. This website helps me a lot in terms of learning HTML and these applications can also enrich your understanding about HTML.

1. CKEditor

This is a WYSIWYG editor. This text editor is used inside web pages. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

2. XStandard

This is a the leading standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and Web-based content management systems.For desktop applications, use XStandard in Visual Studio, Access, VB and VC++. For Web-based applications, XStandard runs in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

3. NicEdit

This a Lightweight, Cross Platform, Inline Content Editor to allow easy editing of web site content on the fly in the browser. NicEdit Javascript integrates into any site in seconds to make any element/div editable or convert standard textareas to rich text editing.

4. Xinha

This is a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor component that works in all current browsers. Its configurability makes it easy to build the right editor for multiple purposes, from a restricted mini-editor for one database field to a full-fledged website editor.

 5. The Rich Text Editor

This a UI control that replaces a standard HTML textarea; it allows for the rich formatting of text content, including common structural treatments like lists, formatting treatments like bold and italic text, and drag-and-drop inclusion and sizing of images. Check it out for more information.

Of these applications I have shared with you, which one do you think will best suite your needs? Comment below should you have any applicatiions you think I should have included in my list….


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