My digital diet

We all know how difficult it is to go on a diet. Eat less of this, drink less of that, etc.
So, the same should apply, I guess, when you go on a digital diet, or not?
Take for instance my idea to go on a “mobile phone diet” if you can call it that.
Over the years I’ve been a big fan of the latest mobile phones and always had them before any of my buddies did.
Before smartphones arrived, I worked with this Palm Pilot. I browsed the internet , in black and white, and downloaded my mails via an infrared link to a small Nokia phone.

I got the Nokia 9000 Communicator as soon as it launched. I received all my emails and faxes on it and loved it. I eventually swopped it for a retro surfboard ( that I still have and used just 2 weeks ago).

When the i-mate K-JAM launced, I was ecstatic to get a phone with a keyboard, touch screen, camera and internet. Two buttons on the front took me straight to my mail and internet respectively. I must admit, it crashed often and the only people who could service it, Leaf, in Johannesburg, were not into customer service!

The Sony Ericsson P9 was a dream with the flip keyboard, full touchscreen with stylus and roller type “mouse” on the lefthand side. I used it until I got bored with it.

My first Blackberry was the Curve and this ushered in a whole new experience for me, though I never used the BBM feature. I quickly upgraded to a BlackBerry Bold and “lost” it within a month in the Sandton Convention Centre.

Finally, I decided to make the big move and get an iPhone. Joy all the way, is all I need to say.

So, yes, digging in my bedside cupboard to find this Nokia 1200 and seeing how I can take my “digital diet” to the next level is indeed going to be a challenge.

Any advice?

PS: Yes, all these phones are now parked on a shelf I call my “mobile museum” in my office.