The new Facebook profile: a funky form of art?

With the many recent changes made to Facebook came the upgrade of the Facebook personal profile. This has brought along with it many complaints from unsatisfied and disappointed Facebook fans and users, saying that the old Facebook profile should be returned because they don’t know what to do with the new one. So, when I came across an article on Mashable about this topic, I decided to focus more on the pro’s rather than the con’s. Turns out one can do so much more with the new personal profile than anyone – including me – could have thought. There are plenty of ways to “pimp your profile”, as numerous Facebook users have done already. In their article entitled “10 Creative uses of the new Facebook profile”, Mashable gives you 10 examples of how to make your new Facebook profile speak for you. Many celebrities including Barack Obama have implemented this for their fanpages. The new profile-craze has caused such uproar that it has been named the new online form of art and has got many asking the question: what are YOU doing with your new facebook profile? So, try it out! I know I am.


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